Daisypath Anniversary tickers

1. Notebook Dell Studio 15 i7 processor Done
2. Microsoft Mouse Arc cordless, RM190-RM200
3. Latest iPhone 32GB
4. Notebook MacBookPro for multimedia editing
5. Quicksilver 16' Gadget Bag, RM259
6. External HDD 1.5 TB (Seagate)
7. Nooka Watch, RM499
8. Quicksilver Cap RM60
9. thats for now

035 - Further Study at..

tadaaa. Siot lame dowh tak update blog. Berserabut dah blog nie. Maybe blog nie akan diperbaharui, owh title 'Under Construction' ar lepas nie. haha. Itu pun kalau rajin la. KALAU RAJIN. Ok then. Back to the title of this entry. Bab sambung belajar di mana?? ya ya ya. Mizie sedar result SPM tak der la segempak mana an? So dapat offer pon daripada port yang biasa² je. I got offer at .... jeng³...

*Click at the logo for their official site page

study for Diploma in Motorsport Technology (DMS) PA8959. Owh, I'm very glad to get a rare course for study. Alhamdulillah. Then, college nie located at Petaling Jaya, so area situ kan taraf tinggi, kena pandai ber-budget la dok sane. Except kalo anak Datuk. haha. idak pon ngorat anak Datuk ke? ngehehe. Even title TOC nie hanya 'College' tapi TOC is the best, ultimate, greatest Automotive College in Asia. *applause* I'm proud to study there soon. So here the career option after grad from there,
With a variety of marketable skills, graduates can work for a race team, performance car workshops or performance car manufacturers and suppliers. Many potential high-paying jobs are available around the world for skilled and experienced high-performance automotive professionals.
Maksudnya, dengan Dip. in Motorsport Technology tuh, kita berpeluang tuk bekerja ini racing team (Lotus F1), performance car workshops. The more professional/experience u are in this type of career, the more salary u get² laaaa. haha. Besides that, facilities and practical stuff yang diorang sediakan kat college tuh all are world class. Konklusinye, study kat sini pon mahal, jadi kene la mizie study betul² and kalau boleh kene jadi yang terbaek diantara yang terbaek ada kat situ. that's all!

I'll be there on 3rd May 2010 and menetap kat rumah sewa area Petaling Jaya, so kalau ada yang nk berjumpa tuh calling la ye! haha. caloo.

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