Daisypath Anniversary tickers

1. Notebook Dell Studio 15 i7 processor Done
2. Microsoft Mouse Arc cordless, RM190-RM200
3. Latest iPhone 32GB
4. Notebook MacBookPro for multimedia editing
5. Quicksilver 16' Gadget Bag, RM259
6. External HDD 1.5 TB (Seagate)
7. Nooka Watch, RM499
8. Quicksilver Cap RM60
9. thats for now

026 - Yahoo! Messenger 10 FINAL

huish. Tengah surfing kat Yahoo!, teringat lak pasal
YM (Yahoo Messenger), rase nye y'all sume pon tahu kan function YM nie tuk chatting, file sharing, voice call, webcam n blablabla. Tapi tu sume bukan main point yang aku nak mention dalam entri kali nie, cuma nak introduce kat y'all Yahoo! Messenger 10 suda release. but not for official use yet. YM v10 nie still in BETA. So many fix and error that doesnt solve yet. So kalau y'all nak gak gatai² tangan tuk try vBETA nie (macam aku la..hehe) ley la DownloaD. Aku baru je download nie ha. Nothing special besides it looks like vista visual. Look mine below.

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