Daisypath Anniversary tickers

1. Notebook Dell Studio 15 i7 processor Done
2. Microsoft Mouse Arc cordless, RM190-RM200
3. Latest iPhone 32GB
4. Notebook MacBookPro for multimedia editing
5. Quicksilver 16' Gadget Bag, RM259
6. External HDD 1.5 TB (Seagate)
7. Nooka Watch, RM499
8. Quicksilver Cap RM60
9. thats for now

005 - Facebook-ing³

Facebook. Sape ader fesbuk?. Meh add meh.. mizie0o0[at]gmail[dot]com..Dun be worry, i'm frenly. haha. Friendly la sgt. Bagi ak la, fesbuk nie mmg bgus, n frenly user la bg ak n not too complicated for general user. Lagi pon layout dye sume same je. Can't be edit at least u use any plugin da compatible to FF like mine above. haha. Tgh gtai tgn time tuh. Fesbuk gak feymes sbb game dye yg mmg n smmgnyer cm sial best. example : restaurant city, bowling buddies, n uno (Playfish Corp. games).. N game nye ader yg ley maen with other online user (ur fren). Other, korg ley jumper blek collegemate, roomate or kwn time skola rndah dlu by fesbuk nie.. Kalo member korg x der yg reg fesbuk nie tp korg cari x jmpe tuh phm² la yg dye tuh buta IT kot...wahahah.

Important : Kepada sume user fesbuk, diharapkn x mendedahkn or expose ur real identity information etc: bank acc, IC number n ape³ la yg privacy .. Kalo identiti sal berat, tinggi korg tuh lantak ar..Y erk?. Coz all the data kicked in had saved to CIA database.. Mane la taw kot² ader mangkuk CIA yg dok sangap duet then ley dpt kn bank acc korg skali ngn pass tuk transfer kn money to their own acc..x pasai² jd papa kdana lak..haha

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