Daisypath Anniversary tickers

1. Notebook Dell Studio 15 i7 processor Done
2. Microsoft Mouse Arc cordless, RM190-RM200
3. Latest iPhone 32GB
4. Notebook MacBookPro for multimedia editing
5. Quicksilver 16' Gadget Bag, RM259
6. External HDD 1.5 TB (Seagate)
7. Nooka Watch, RM499
8. Quicksilver Cap RM60
9. thats for now

003 - Tutorial Snapshot Desktop / Screenshot

Post nie mizi nak bg tutorial how to make a screenshot. Mizi gune software Snagit yg mana software nie ley wat screenshot in a region, by selected window, full screen capture, full pic of scrolling window, n record screen vid.

1. Download software Snagit --> Download

2. Then, install macam biase.

3. Open Snagit

4. Screen akan pop out window macam nie

6. After that, choose la type of capture yg korang nk capt. example : Full Screen

7. Select pada full screen n click button red camera tuh

8. Lastly, korang ley save pic tuh n upload or wat menyemak hdd..haha..

*itu je nk kabo..kalo ader problem..give comment ey

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